The results are clear:

Electric hand dryers are a better choice compared to paper, comparing only pure energy use without even considering many other environmental impacts inherent in the manufacture and disposal of paper.

To save energy you will need, of course, a hand dryer that works quickly and efficiently. High-efficiency restroom hand dryers not only achieve these results in a third of the time required by conventional hand dryers, but are also ready to be mounted on 15-amp electrical installations (ideal for older buildings).


Hand dryers provide eco-friendly solutions for business owners by helping them cut back on paper towel costs and usage. By simply installing high-efficiency restroom hand dryers you can help reduce landfill waste, and qualify your facility for LEEDS credits. Many of our high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers are GreenSpec and Green Restaurant Association approved.


High-speed, energy-efficient hand dryers consume 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers.

Results of energy efficiency
Paper towels – 743 kilojoules per use
Ecological Dryers – 76 kilojoules per use

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